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Weekly Menu Printable

Feeding a family is no easy task - I hear you. As a mom of twins I know our family thrives on organization and schedule. This "Weekly Menu Selections" list helps guide the week. It allows us to plan ahead together but also be flexible. With just a couple minutes of planning per week you can reduce the stress of meals and budget better. 

1. Download Weekly Menu Selections Printable

2. Take input from the family. 

 For example in a family of 4 each person chooses:

  • 1 breakfast/lunch/dinner

Then select:

  • 1 day for a new recipe

  • 1 day for take-out/dining out

  • 1 day for leftovers

3. Write in all items to your list. 

  • Choose some "smart" snacks (fruits, veggies, dairy, protein)

  • Choose some "fun" snacks

  • Even choose a snack that is new

4.  Fill in the other boxes on your list as needed with your pantry staples. 

5. Do your shopping. 

6. Post your list on the fridge! 

For more nutrition information and tips. Please reach out to schedule an appointment. I would love to work with your child & your family. 

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